NAME Parameter
Accuracy  ±1%
Operating temperature(℃) -40℃-65℃
Temperature(℃) 95%RH (non condensing) at 38℃
LCD character height(mm) 5mm
Joint 6.3insert


NAME Rated current Maximum current
12 36 36
24/36 33/60 46/72
24/48 25/63 45/67
36/48 29/48 45/67
72/80 27/30 40/45
Outline dimension

  • Charger integrates active power factor correction(PFC),can achieve zero pollution of power grid and avoid the impact of large current grid;
  • Wide range of AC input voltage, strong adaptability;
  • The module has the perfect protection function such as input over voltage, lack of input, output over current,over voltage output, output short circuit, output isolation protection, module overheating and so on;
  • The full bridge phase shifted soft switch PWM the latest mixed mode control, to overcome the traditional phase shifted full bridge circuit circulation loss, working conditions of diode side faults, secondary side diodes to achieve soft recovery, the module can achieve high efficiency over a wide input voltage range and the maximum load range. Efficiency;
  • Close to 97%, the electromagnetic interference is greatly reduced, and the volume weight is greatly reduced;
  • Improved thermal design, more uniform heat distribution;
  • The use of a more complete circuit board dust, moisture-proof treatment;
  • Single Chip Microcomputer (SCM) according to the lead-acid batteries tolerance current capacity, life curve, gas analysis point and other information to complete the full charge of the whole process;
  • The battery having the environmental temperature compensation function to ensure that the temperature of the weather conditions, can automatically resist over-charge and under-charge.
  • With pulse charging function, the battery is filled with the premise of ensuring the best life of the battery.
  • With manual (charging) function
  • After three paint processing and dustproof design, the reliability of the operation is improved.
  • With digital display function, it can display online charging current, voltage ,and charging time.
  • Charger can be used for hanging wall installation